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    This is an instant tool which could control phone rotation, wifi switch, phone display (screen brightness, screen timeout...), notification setting easily.

    Tools Availability:

    1. Locale switcher enable or disable.
    2. Enable or disable screen rotation (effects depending on apps' internal rotation mgt).
    3. Display system setting.
    4. Enter WiFi setting page: connected Wi-Fi or enable network notification.
    5. Instant sound setting: control phone ringtone and vibrate.

    This app can be hidden. After choose Hide Instant Tool button, you can see a small icon appeared on phone top tips. Slide it down and press, you can see the instant links appeared on phone screen!

    Link/shortcut in appeared icon:
    - Locale. Used to set phone language.
    - Disable. Disable the app and icon functions.
    - WiFi. Used to link wifi setting page. You can connected or search wifi networks.
    - Display. Set automatic brightness; auto-rotate screen; all window animations are shown; set screen timeout.
    - Sound setting. Call sound, ringtone/media/alarm volume set, low battery sound, haptic feedback...can all be set here. NOTE: the functions depends on your own android phone system.
    - System used to control apps' management. You can search or manage the downloaded or running apps here.
    -Preft. It is used to enter this app setting page and take some functions into use.

    NOTE: This is an instant app and help you quick open some setting pages. The setting functions are based on your own phone system. The app can not setting itself. It only offers links.

    Hope you love it and provide us five stars.

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