IPMPlus Earth Hour Edition




    IPMPlus Earth Hour Edition Battery Saver features a powerful soft touch button that turns off the display and enables power saving mode in your Android device. This is a special Edition of the product we have built to celebrate Earth Hour 2013 and enable participation in the Friends of Earth Hour 2013 contest. [See]

    For contestants of the Friends of Earth Hour 2013 contest - By activating this software on your mobile phones, participants can register for the Friends of Earth Hour 2013 contest. Each mobile device activation will help you score 1,000 points and add 100 points to your Friends of Earth Hour score for each day of usage from the day of activation. Go ahead and play !

    As mobile devices proliferate, we are burning more and more energy in our devices - the amount in each device may be small, but the number of devices in the world is very large. We just want the world to know that it is not just about battery saving (and we don't think mobile phones get thirsty and drink juice!) - the socio-economic impact of all of us saving a few watts of electricity in our phones every day is quite significant. [Read more about this in our blog -].

    We invite all citizens of the world to use this app to spread the message of enabling power savings in mobile devices. The power saving mode enabled by IPMPlus reduces lot of power wastage in the Android device and thus helps extend your battery life. It is very convenient to use as well since you don't need to press the hardware OFF button anymore. The device automatically wakes up when you get incoming calls. Fantastic results in terms of keeping your battery from draining off when using it on our Android devices. Supported on all Android Version 2.2 and above devices.

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