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    A Japanese clock is a traditional clock which requires the temporal hour system
    (the zodiac hour system which labels times of a day) used in the Edo period in
    This widget tells you the temporal hour system (the zodiac hour system) in Japanese
    Timekeeping varies with the seasons i.e. the length of a day; six daytime units from
    sunrise to sunset and six night time units from sunset to sunrise are used in the temporal
    hour system (the zodiac hour system), or Japanese traditional timekeeping practices.
    You will find a special timetable in the setting screen of this Japanese clock widget to
    check the comparison between the traditional temporal hour system and the modern
    hour system.

    The possible sunshine duration varies with geographical areas.
    The default setting is “Tokyo”.
    You may need to change the setting from the setting screen of the widget when you live
    in any city except Tokyo.
    You can also select a foreign city.

    [Customization operation]
    You will be able to change the following things.
    - Font
    - Color (for font and background)
    - Size
    - Position of fonts *Drag the fonts to move.

    [Authorities used in this widget]
    The following authorities are used to show advertisings.
    - Internet access
    - Acquisition of the network condition

    [Special thanks]
    My wife's friends Saori, the translator of JapanClockWidget.

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