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    JfCupsPrint was written for my own use. I am making it available in case anyone else might find it useful. It acts as client that sends jobs to shared printers on a CUPS server. No other methods of printing are supported.

    In theory, the application should work with any printer supported by the CUPS server. The application itself does not contain or require any printer drivers.

    Documents are sent to the CUPS Server as "raw", ie. the application does not perform any file conversions. It does however check the Android reported mime type of the document against the printer supported mime types as reported by CUPS and, where a document type is not listed as supported, prompts the user to proceed or cancel.

    The application presents the basic printing options of orientation, number of copies, print ranges and fit to page. It also attempts to parse the printer's ppd file and offer the printing options it contains. Most options supported by the driver should be made available but parsing is incomplete. In particular, there is no checking to attempt to ensure that a selection of options would make sense for the printer (eg. Paper Size: A4, Input: Source: CD Tray).

    Items to be printed are send to the application using the Android "share" option. Setup/usage notes are available at

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