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    DOWNLOAD  $39.46



    JGCBusing is an application to control installations using Ingenium Busing protocol from Android mobile phone or tablets. You need an ETHBUS in the installation. This is the connection platform betweeen the application and the installation.

    Application Performance:

    - Multiplatform. It runs with any mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with Android version 2.3 or higher

    - Multi Language. The actual version accept English and Spanish language

    - Customizable. Each installation is unique. The number and type of elements in each installation are different. There is a web tool in to config easily your installation and then generate your own configuration.

    - Wi-fi and mobile support. You can choose which communication system do you want to use (wi-fi, mobile or both)

    Elements that you can control:

    - Technical Alarms Control (intrusion, flood, fire, gas,...)
    - Activate/Desactivate alarm
    - Phone Calls Control
    - Temperature Control (global or in each room)
    - Ilumination
    - Regulated Ilumination
    - Blinds, tents, ...
    - Plugs (normal plugs, doors, irrigation systems, cameras, electrovalves, ...)
    - Run Screen Scenes
    - Light Sensor, Fire Sensor, Intrusion Sensor, Gas Sensor or flood Sensor Control

    When you config the application you choose how many rooms do you have to config (identified by name and icon) and the number of elements to control in it (identified by name, type of element, icon and the direction)