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    Jumble Aid is a tool to help solve mixed-up letter (anagram) puzzles. It uses a dictionary with more than 60,000 words. It can solve individual words or multi-word phrases – and it's fast.

    It's easy to use. There are two modes of operation – you can search for individual words or you can search for multi-word phrases.

    To search for individual words, enter the scrambled letters in the edit field within the "Word" box (left-hand side). Press Search. You will see the progress bar increase as it searches for solutions. In the lower left, the stop button will become active and turn red. You can terminate searches by processing the Stop button.

    To search for multiword phrases, enter all of the scrambled letters in the top edit field within the "Phrase" box (right-hand side). Enter the phrase template in the lower edit field. A phrase template has question marks (?) to represent the positions of unknown letters, spaces to separate words, and optionally, if you know some of the words, you can enter them in the corresponding position.

    For example, suppose we have the letters "DIERYLACEICB" and we are told the solution should be a 4 letter word, followed by a 1 letter Word, followed by a 7 letter word. We make a guess that the one letter word is "A" (this will speed up the search process), we remove the "A" from our list of letters. Our list of letters becomes: "DIERYLCEICB". Our template becomes "???? A ???????". Enter the letters in the upper edit field (without the quotes) and enter the template in the lower edit field (without the quotes).

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