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    Enhance your mobile application with real-time ID scanning and verification.

    Netverify is a unique solution that allows you to authenticate your customers’ identities using their device cameras. Our ID authentication and verification reduces the risk of fraudulent activity, while significantly saving time associated with the confirmation process and reducing associated costs with KYC requirements for your mobile service or online community.

    Fastfill dramatically improve your new account sign-up and shopping cart completion rates with fast customer onboarding and near-instant population of your customer’s personal data.

    Netverify Document Verification is a powerful solution to enable capturing various types (such as Bank Statements or Utility Bills) of your customer's documents in your mobile application within seconds.

    BAM Checkout is a powerful, cutting-edge solution to extract data from your customer´s credit card and / or ID in your mobile application within seconds, including home address. It fits perfectly, and fully automates, every checkout flow to avoid manual input at all which leads to an increased conversion rate.

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