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    This is an Android version of the demonstration app used for the Velleman K8055 USB Experiment Interface Board. This app is NOT recommended for casual downloading, you should try to use the Windows or Mac version of the demo interface before trying this app, since that is what this app is based on. So try to read the previous sentence before voting only 1 star.

    A "rooted android" is NOT required; instead, this app uses the standard android.hardware.usb libraries found on Android 3.1 devices.
    A USB host interface will be required. This app has been tested on an Acer Iconia Tab A500, and could possibly run on a Motorola Xoom (with USB Host cable and an update from Motorola), a Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet, or a Samsung Galaxy Tablet (with adapter).

    Support for any other non-mentioned Android devices would require USB-Host support and full support for the Android 3.1 OS on their device.

    Any user that owns a K8055 board can simply plug in a usb cable from the board to their tablet, tap the "Find Devices" button, select a "found" device, then tap "Connect" to start the monitoring thread. The monitoring thread queries and sends commands to the board around the 20ms conversion time as advertised on the packaging.

    Could be used for home automation, robotics, hobbies, Rube Goldberg devices, etc...

    This is the free version; there is however a 4 minute shutdown timer that starts at the beginning of the application. When the shutdown timer expires, the monitoring thread is shutdown and a link is provided listing Digiwack Software Apps.

    If you found this app at a site other than the Android Marketplace, Digiwack Software does not support any "features" that may have been added after it was scrapped from the Android Marketplace site. You can find the original source of this App here:

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