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    Thank you for READING the following BEFORE commenting/reviewing:

    1. For most android devices but tested only on Samsung Note I (ICS/JB), Galaxy S2 (JB), and Galaxy Note 10.1 (JB).

    2. Install as a normal app. But to operate fully, you MUST install as a system app. I recommend using /system/app mover but am informed that Titanium Backup Pro will also perform this function. Other techniques may work as well. You must undo this prior to a full uninstall.

    3. After using on your device in free mode, please consider purchasing the Pro Upgrade to unlock other features.

    4. Please email me from the link on this page with questions, comments, or suggestions. I cannot respond to reviews left by users so that is not the best channel to reach me.

    There are piles of keyboards/input methods out there for Android devices. But it stands to reason that some keyboards are much better for some tasks than others. Imagine a hypothetical app which never accepts alphabetic input. When running this app, you don't need a full QWERTY keyboard - something like a 10-key pad would be much more efficient. So you may find yourself regularly switching between keyboards whenever you use a certain app. But doing so in Android is something of a pain involving at least several steps each time you switch.

    Keyboard Master exists to save you this time and hassle! It permits your device to "remember" (called a mapping) that you want to use a specific keyboard each time you run a specific app. And when that app becomes the active task, Keyboard Master takes care of making the keyboard swap and then swapping back when the app is no longer being used.

    Keyboard Master operates, by default, in a free mode. In free mode you can establish only a single mapping at a time so you can test how well the app works on your device. This single mapping may be adequate for some users and, if so, please enjoy Keyboard Master at no charge.

    Users with more advanced needs will appreciate the Pro Upgrade which you can purchase within Keyboard Master (see the options menu). Purchasing this upgrade will enable the following additional features of Keyboard Master:
    1. Removes the limit of only one app-to-keyboard mapping. There will be no limit imposed.

    2. Enables the optional, automatic capture of app-to-keyboard mappings as you change the selected input method while running an application.

    3. Enables optional, special processing when a hardware keyboard is detected.

    4. Enables the on-demand backup/loading of all settings to/from your device's SD card.

    5. Enables extra convenience items on the options menu.

    6. It will also unlock other, advanced features that may be added in the future. I can envision future support for device orientation in mappings and special treatment when a hardware keyboard is in use, to name a few.

    All of this power and convenience comes at a technical price. Not only does this app require ROOT, but it also must be installed as a "system" app (as opposed to a normal or downloaded app) because only a system app is permitted to swap keyboards in this way. So once you have downloaded Keyboard Master, you MUST move it to the location on your device where system apps reside. And it must be moved back prior to full uninstall.

    Please see the app's Help for all the details.

    I want to thank the author of this app who's published code hinted at how Keyboard Master could accomplish all of this.


    R E Q U I R E S -- B U S Y B O X

    R E Q U I R E S -- R O O T

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