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    Kick the Habit Pro

    Change your habits, change your life. Kick the Habit Pro helps to break bad habits by providing daily reminders of activities and tasks.

    Do you always feel yourself being stuffed by various bothering matters, and have no time to break a bad habit? Are there things you'd like to get in the habit of doing every day or a few times a week but always forget? The daily reminders will develop these activities into good habits and improve your life by breaking these bad habits.

    Kick the Habit Pro provides the most core help in these areas! Doing things step by step will give you far more help than doing them only with interests and passions. This application will aid you in achieving that goal, by reminding you to check off everyday you make along the way. Kick the Habit Pro will motivate you to turn them into long-going patterns.
    You only need to give up your bad habits, you will soon find the process of achieving goals becomes easier and easier.

    Add the tasks associated with bad habits you want to break. It only costs you one minute to make the plan. It will remind you to carry out the action of plan at 20:30 of every day, and then accompany you to implement it. You can CHECK OFF your task everyday. There is a notification for you. After 21 days, you can check out your results. If you fail it, you can restart it. Simple CLEAR operation enables you to clear some plans you've done. It must wait for 21 days later.

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    Old habits are hard to break and new habits are hard to form because the behavioural patterns we repeat everyday are imprinted in our neural pathways.

    A key factor in distinguishing a bad habit from an addiction or mental disease is the element of willpower. If a
    person seems to have a control over the behavior then it is just a habit. Good intentions may be able to override
    the negative effect of bad habits but their effect seems to be independent and additive — the bad habits remain but
    are subdued rather than cancelled.

    The best time for correcting a bad habit is immediately, before it becomes established. So, bad habits are best
    prevented from developing in childhood.

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