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    Kids Zone is the highest rated Android parental control & child lock on Google Play! Over 500,000 parents use Kids Zone to create a child-proof kids mode or kids place on their Android devices

    Enable Parental Controls in Under 30 Seconds:
    • Tap the Install button above to install Kids Zone now
    • Create a profile and pick child-safe apps for it
    • Set a screen-time limit to automatically limit your child's device usage (optional)
    • Select your child's favorite wallpaper (optional)
    • Set a secret PIN code and lock the device

    Kids Zone - Parental Controls & Child Lock is the highest rated on Google Play because it is the most secure kids mode, and the easiest app to child-proof your phone or tablet with!

    How the Child Lock Works
    When a parent locks Kids Zone the app begins to continuously monitor the child's phone or tablet app usage and locks the child in a special kids place on the device. Kids Zone will automatically block access to all apps that aren't included in a child's profile. Kids Zone can also prevent a child from making phone calls or sending texts (SMS), posting on Facebook or Instagram (or any social network), browsing the Internet, buying in-app-purchases and more!

    Parental Control Features
    Kids Zone's main function is to child-proof a device by limiting a child's access to only the apps a parent picks, however, the app also features the following child lock features:
    Enforces screen-time limits reducing a child's device usage
    Blocks in-app purchases & installs from the Google Play store
    Blocks children from phone calls & texts (unless allowed)
    Prevents children from browsing the Internet
    Protects children from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat & other social media
    Blocks your child from reading device notifications
    Re-locks automatically if the phone or tablet is rebooted
    Prevents all apps from being uninstalled
    Automatically reloads games or other apps for small children
    Protects all device settings and contacts from being changed
    Hides your personal data from your child's eyes

    Kids Zone's Unique Features
    Create unlimited profiles of children's apps for each child or type of app
    Display a countdown that shows your kids how much screen-time they have left
    Customize each profile with your child's favorite wallpaper
    Quick Unlock allows parents to quickly take incoming calls while locked

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Why does Kids Zone block apps better than the other parental controls?
    Kids Zone was specifically designed to address the need for an effective and unbreakable parental control app on Android. Many other child lock apps focus on unnecessary features, Kids Zone keeps things simple and focuses on making the lock as strong as possible.

    Can Kids Zone protect young children as well as teenagers?
    Yes Kids Zone is very hard to escape out of! We've received positive testimonials from many parents that use the app for toddlers, children and even teenagers.

    Can I install Kids Zone on all my Android phones and tablets?
    Yes Kids Zone works equally well to create a kids mode on Android phones or tablets. Pro features purchased can be shared among an unlimited number of devices by logging into each device with the Google account used to purchase the pro features.

    Do I need to change my home launcher to use Kids Zone?
    No Kids Zone does not require any complicated settings such as changing the home launcher. Kids Zone was designed to be intuitive, install it now and see for yourself how easy it is to enable the child lock.

    Permissions Required
    All permissions required by Kids Zone are used to keep your child safe by blocking Android device functions. Please be assured that Kids Zone will never use these permissions to access your private data.

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