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    KIDSecaLL is an Android application designed for kids for a lot of reasons. One of the reasons is if, for example, your son will attend a school outing and you ask him/her to call you or any loved ones of his/her, in case there is an emergency. After setting up the persons who will be called during the emergency, the kid can CONVENIENTLY click one of these buttons from main screen. He/She does not have to scroll through the phone's contact list.

    Or you as a parent, may have other requirement where you want your kid to dial only the persons you have set-up on his/her mobile phone.

    Or for people who wants a convenient way to call four important numbers IMMEDIATELY without searching the phone's address book.

    Or for my three-year old daughter who has been assuming that all the numbers on my wife's phonebook is my number. She has been dialing a wrong number if she wants to call me.

    So many reasons...