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    You paid a bunch for your Android device and you simply love using it. But do you know that most of the sensors in your device is under-utilized? Do you want to find out what your little device really offer?

    With Knowing Sensors, you can explore and collect data from all sensors in your device. Do many cool things with your little device... possibilities of using sensors are unlimited:

    - Find out which direction is Magnetic North.
    - Use your Android device in a class project.
    - Use light sensor to measure the brightness of your monitor.
    - Measure the zero-gravity feeling in an elevator.
    - Use magnetic field sensor to track down a ghost!

    Knowing Sensors offers many exciting features:

    (1) Sensor Discovery - Use Knowing Sensors to find out what kind of sensors is supported on your device. Higher end Android devices usually have more sensors for richer applications. Are you paying what you are getting?

    (2) Data Presentation - Knowing Sensors shows and plots sensor data in real time. If a sensor is not working correctly, you can run Knowing Sensors before taking your device for repair.

    (3) Data Capture - All sensor data can be captured and saved to a new local file in each session. You can later open the data file with a text editor or import into an spreadsheet application for processing.

    (4) Configuration - To make your life easier, you are able to modify data capturing and sampling settings with the application.

    (5) Cloud Storage - You can upload your captured data files to a cloud storage server such as DropBox for storing and sharing. DropBox provides you with a free account for basic cloud storage service.

    (6) User Manual - We take good effort to create a complete user manual for you to understand the sensor data you've captured and recommend the proper ways of using time stamp and sensor data.

    The following sensor types are supported by Knowing Sensors:

    - Accelerometer
    - Magnetic Field Sensor
    - Orientation Sensor
    - Gyroscope
    - Light Sensor
    - Pressure Sensor
    - Temperature Sensor
    - Proximity Sensor
    - Gravity Sensor
    - Linear Acceleration Sensor
    - Rotation Sensor
    - Humidity Sensor

    Sensors in one device may vary from that of another device. Your little device may not have all the sensors listed here. If you have further questions about the sensors in your device, you should consult with your device manufacturer directly.

    We hope you find this tool useful.

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