Kronos StopWatch is a basic stopwatch timer. You can use it for cooking, workout or intervaltimer.

    Kronos StopWatch. Very simple but useful stopwatch interval timer. You can set timer intervals, alarm sound and notification options. Also interface themes. Kronos StopWatch is very useful for sports, lap counting, cooking, egg timer, training, study, workout, countdown, training, alarms, quiz, exams and etc.

    Kronos StopWatch has a uniqe design IOS 7 style. Kronos StopWatch has lap counting and lap list property.

    Kronos StopWatch is your pretty, smart, simple but useful and powerful stopwatch interval timer.

    Thank you for installing my app and please check out my marketplace page for other applications.

    New Application Icon
    Complete New Interface Design
    IOS 7 Style Look
    New Lap counting system
    Counts 100 laps now !

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