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    KumaTimer R :Bear's Face Timer

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    This application program is a simple kitchen timer of the shape of bear's face.

    ** "kuma" means a bear in Japanese. **

    * This application is a paid version of "KumaTimer (Bear's Face Timer)". At first, please try it from a free version.

    How to use:

    To set the timer, drag bear's nose.

    To turn on/off the melody performance and the vibration notification when the timer is completed, tap bear's ear.

    To interrupt the running timer, tap bear's face.

    To change maximum time of the timer, tap the left or right button. The timer's maximum time changes to 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hour, by tapping.
    As well as a button, it can change a timer like a triangle button even to tap the right side of the background, the left side.
    In addition, you can change the maximum time of timer from a menu button.

    The timer runs on background after the screen is switched with the HOME/BACK button after the timer is set. When time comes, the icon is displayed in the statusbar besides the notification by the melody and the vibes.

    In addition, from "other setting" of the menu, the detailed setting of the vibes of the sound is possible.
    A sound to play it after timer completion can appoint the thing for exclusive use of the KumaTimer and the music file of the SD card.
    By the setting of the vibration, you can appoint the number of times for length, an interval between the vibration.

    In addition, you can set ON/OFF of the operation sound from a menu, too.

    About the function of the paid version

    * The function of editing preset-timer.
    You can edit / add / delete preset-timer. You can access the function from a button of the lower right.

    * The function of adjuster
    It is a function to make it easy to put timers together at just time. The setting angle of the timer is revised by every mark when I turn it on.
    The small button of the lower berth middle is adjuster function ON/OFF button.
    * The removal of the advertisement
    This application is a paid version. There is not the advertisement.

    *The installation to an SD card is possible
    As a result of having considered convenience, I enabled the installation to anSD card. But, please be careful because a timer function is lost when I unmount a card during timer setting (cases to watch the contents of the SD with PCs).


    In my parents' family, there is a kitchen timer of the spring type that I have been using since child's time (It is still an active service). This can excellent be used by the one action only of the twist of the dial.
    KumaTimer wanted to reproduce and made such a timer from of old.

    KumaTimer is simplest timer.
    But, I aimed at the timer that it was pleasant to touch it above all.

    I would like you to touch by installing KumaTimer by all means if you see the screen shot, and it is interested even a little.

    * Attention *

    This application can move to an SD card after installation. But, please be careful because a timer function is lost when I unmount an SD card during timer practice.
    In addition, the timer which you set is lost even if you switch off the terminal or reboot the OS. Please be careful.

    * About a license check *

    This application checks the license at the time of start.
    At least one time has to start in the environment where network connection is possible to use all functions of this application.
    After check completion, it is available with or without network environment.

    A function is limited at the time of non-completion the check of the license. Please be careful.
    When the eyes of the bear are closed all the time, the check of the license is not completed.
    Please start application to complete the check of the license when a network is connected.

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