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    Welcome to L-Check.

    Free forever, no ads! Enjoy!

    Compatible with Android 2.2 and up.

    L-Check is a simple, light-weight and battery friendly system tool. There's other apps out there with ridiculous features that only work half of the time, they sap battery and the services themselves are suspect. This app may look simple, but it works every time without question.

    Remember to e-mail me @ if you find any bugs, I can't respond to comments :)

    * Once activated, it will run continuously in the background scanning for any signal loss including Service, Network and Wi-Fi.

    * If the app detects any loss of signal, it will notify the user using a notification ringtone the user can choose. From there, the user knows they have no service. For rooted users, there is also an option to auto-reboot the device if it notices a loss of signal for too long.

    The first time the device actually has to reboot it will ask for superuser permissions, so the user has to actually be there for the first one. After that, it'll do it on it's own.

    * Keeps logs (stored in phone or SD card, user's choice) stating when signal loss occured and when signal came back (if it ever came back). You'll be surprised how often your phone loses signal for even a moment.

    * Keeps a counter of all signal losses detected and sorts them based on whether they were Service, Network or Wi-Fi losses.

    While signal loss rarely happens, it is not uncommon for some users to go precious hours without signal because they simply don't know it's happening to them. Meanwhile, the phone constantly searches for service and the battery drains itself. Once you turn on this app, you'll barely even know it's there until you lose signal...then you'll be glad it's there.

    If you reboot your phone after activation, you can get it out of your notification bar, but it will still be running.

    If you'd like to give it a try first, please check out the trial version (also found in the market) :)

    Final word of note. In the wildly unlikely event this app is purchased 500000 times, I will take away the charge and make it (and all future versions) free forever. Something to aim for :)

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