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    A utility for viewing LAS format files. This type of file is commonly used in the oil & gas industry for data transfer.

    Latest update: I just discovered, that this app didnt work anymore with Android 5.0 and higher. So much for Android been an upward compatible platform! But anyway, it is fixed now. I needed to add permission to read files from the device, which wasn't required before.

    Some of aspects of the plotting routines still need some work on them, but this will be done soon.

    Other things still under development.
    1. Better directory listing & file selection (done).
    2. Better plot scaling and depth interval selection (more-or-less done).
    3. Depth plotting direction swapped (done).
    4. Efficiency improvements.

    Known Limitations:
    1. Cannot display LAS files in which the data is wrapped.
    2. Cannot display LAS files that have irregularly sampled data.

    Both these situations are caught during the display stage and a notification message sent.

    Keywords: LAS log data petrophysics geophysics

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