LCD Pixel Tester




    Detect "Stuck and Dead Pixels" in your android phones LCD screen.

    Do you need to check your phones LCD screen for dead and stuck pixels. Usefull especially when buying used phones. Install this very small and simple app. This application will cycle colors that will be able to display non-working pixels.

    Tap the screen to view next color or to stop color-cycling when it is running.

    Stuck pixels are often incorrectly referred to as "dead pixels", which have a similar appearance. In a dead pixel, all three sub-pixels are permanently off, producing a pixel which is permanently white for TN panels and black for other types of panels. - Wikipedia

    Disclaimer: This application will not fix dead pixels. Due to different LCD manufacturing techniques and technologies, this application does not guarantee to fix all found LCD problems. The fast color transition effects may potentially trigger seizures to people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

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