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    Today we are honored to offer you this app- Let Your Phone Speak.


    This is a powerful app for android.

    1. With it in hand, you can let your android phone to speak and talk to you whatever you type on your phone. It is quite interesting and creative.

    2. Besides, it also can read online websites for you loudly. In this way, you can just let your phone to tell you all the information on a website directly when you want to close your eyes for a while at work.


    1. Easy operation and simple user interface with powerful functions;

    2. Supports built-in UK English, US English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish pronunciations. So you can just add more accents to this app from the Internet.

    3. ( You will need to built them on your phone in advance. )

    4. Customized speed and pitch for you to select. That is to say, you can adjust the speaking speed and pitch according to your need.


    1. Open this app, and type what you want to input to your phone;

    2. Then click Speak button to let your phone to speak to you.

    3. You also can click Internet button to add more accents to this app from the Internet;

    4. If you want to change the pitch and speed of this speaker, you can just click the Tool button to adjust them manually;

    5. If you save your typings, you still can listen to them directly next time in the Library.

    6. Open browser of your phone, and then log in the page you want to read, then select --Share page from the browser menu and click this app- Let Your Phone Speak to let your phone to read the page for you.

    @@@@@@@@While downloading this app to your phone, you will also download some notification ads or icon ads to your phone.@@@@@@@@@@@@@

    About Accents in languages:

    An accent is a manner of pronunciation peculiar to a particular individual, location, or nation.

    An accent may identify the locality in which its speakers reside, the socio-economic status of its speakers, their ethnicity, their caste or social class, their first language (when speaking a second language imperfectly), and so on.

    Accents usually differ in quality of the voice, pronunciation and distinction of vowels and consonants, stress, and prosody.