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    LGH Menu is LG Hidden Menu. Usually LG Android Phone will come with a hidden app. The hidden app has some engineering menu so that users can use it to check signal level, screen, camera etc.

    In some model, you can simply use activities shortcut to call the hidden menu. You don't need to buy this app. However, in some new model, LG added protection and hence shortcut to activities will not work. With this app, it breaks the limitation and bring the hidden menu to users.

    1. LG hides because it is not for ordinary users. You may mess it up if you don't know how to use it.
    2. Custom ROM may have the hidden app removed. So use the app with stock ROM
    3. Do apply option that you don't know.

    Keywords: Hidden Menu, Engineering Mode, LCD test, Field Test Display

    The app is previously name as LG Hidden Menu

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