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    The original bright flashlight designed for Android tablets and phones. This app instantly sets brightness to max and fills the screen with bright white light. When exiting the app, your brightness settings will return to normal. Programmed with the fastest possible start-up and shutdown time, this app does not have any loading screens or ads. Now you can use your device's screen to fill a dark room with light.

    * No Advertisements!
    * Works perfectly with phones and tablets!
    * Maximum Brightness: Automatically sets screen to maximum brightness and returns to user settings after exiting the app. Does not interfere with the user's original brightness settings.
    * Rotation Support: Supports accelerometer based rotation so the controls are always at your fingertips. Includes a small easy thumb access “Off” button in the top left corner.
    * Silent: This app does not make any noises so you will never accidentally interrupt a meeting or wake others from sleep.
    * Lightning Speed: Immediate start-up and shutdown. No ads mean that there are no loading screens or display messages. This app was built for stability and reliability.
    * Small Size: Extremely lightweight, requires only 40 KB of storage. Will not create or leave junk files on your device's file system.
    * Privacy: Does not require any special permissions. The application does not collect any information and your privacy is secure.
    * No Frills: This ultra stable app just works like it should – no need to fiddle with complicated settings. The intuitive icon is also designed with simplicity in mind.
    * DISCLAIMER: This app does not utilize other hardware lights such as flash LEDs and backlit keyboards. This app may not support Android phones version 1.5 and lower.

    Designed and tested on the Nexus 7 tablet. Email Ossibus Software for suggestions and errors. This app is the full version and free of advertisements. If you enjoy this app, check out our other apps on Google Play! To continue development, we need your support by giving it a "5" Star rating and telling your friends. Thank you!

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