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    Get rid of viruses lurking in your smartphone QUICK!
    The ultimate free anti-virus app!

    The free calling and messaging app, LINE brings you LINE Anti Virus!
    Let this free security app protect your personal information from malicious programs and apps. Simple one-touch checks let you stay in control!

    LINE Anti Virus: Main Features
    Simple one-touch checks let you stay in control!
    Check for any malicious programs or for any other malware on your smartphone in just a few seconds.

    A detailed scan is also an option: Simply select “Full Scan”.

    Cloud engine added
    We added a cloud engine with more powerful detection capabilities, providing more secure protection for your smartphone.

    Real-Time Monitoring for Maximum Protection
    As well as detecting malicious programs, this function alerts you immediately of any abnormal operations by applications and any threats to your security through the widget and notification bars; enabling you to deal with high-risk situations as quickly as possible.

    Check which apps access your personal information at a glance
    This feature allows you to easily check which of your information the apps installed on the device are accessing, such as contact information, location information, calling history etc.

    You choose!

    You can determine which apps are high-risk and delete them as necessary, while apps which you trust can be added to the app’s “Safe Apps” list.

    Choose how you want the app to work
    As well as adding trusted apps to a Safe Apps list, you can configure which contents to scan for as well as choosing to have Real-Time Monitoring switched on or off.

    New anti-smishing feature
    Smishing, or SMS phishing, is a hacking method that gathers personal information or causes monetary loss through the spreading of malicious apps via URLs sent through SMS messages.
    LINE Antivirus protects you from such threats with its new anti-smishing feature.

    One-touch optimization feature
    Clean up your smartphone's usage history and RAM with a single touch to help it run smooth as butter.

    Secure File Deletion
    Files can now be securely deleted, ensuring that no personal information can be leaked when changing devices or losing your phone.

    Addition of the App Management Feature
    Manage apps that have been installed on your device for a long time and apps that haven’t been used in a while.

    * About access authority

    [Required access authorities]
    - Internet access: a network connection is required for malicious code scanning in the cloud and offline engine updates.
    [Optional access authorities]
    - Storage: access is needed for malicious code scanning in storage during a full scan.
    - Reading SMS: needed for scanning text messages including URLs during a smishing scan.
    - Call: needed for deleting call history in the optimization settings.
    You can use LINE Antivirus without agreeing to the optional access authorities, but some features will be unavailable.

    Keep your smartphone safe!
    We hope you enjoy using LINE Anti-Virus!

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