LISPmob is an open-source implementation of the Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP, RFC6830). With LISPmob, hosts can change their network attachment point without losing connectivity, while maintaining the same IP address. Furthermore LISPmob supports multihoming (in non-NAT interfaces) and flow-based load balancing across network interfaces.

    LISPmob requires that you configure an Endpoint IDentifier (EID) and a rooted android device. You may request an EID visiting

    LISPmob main features are (version 0.4.1):

    - Register to the Mapping System
    - Request mappings
    - Reply to mapping requests
    - Multihoming in non NAT interfaces, please refer to the documentation at
    - RLOC Probing (user configurable)
    - Full IPv4/IPv6 support
    - NAT Traversal (as defined in draft-ermagan-lisp-nat-traversal)
    - DDT client support, LISPmob can operate without Map-Resolver

    If you are unsure of what LISPmob is we encourage you to visit our community website:

    Why we need root access?

    LISPmob is a networking application that requires administrative access to the network stack, specifically:

    - Creates a tun interfaces and sets the EID as the IP address.
    - Modifies the routing tables to route all the outgoing packets to the tun interface. Additionally LISPmob monitors routing changes to manage handovers.
    - LISPmob writes outgoing packets using raw sockets to the appropriate network interface.
    - The APP also reads the configuration file from the SD card and (optionally) writes a log.

    Besides this, LISPmob does not gather any other information. We´re currently working with a lite LISPmob version that takes advantage of the VPN-API and does not require root access.

    The LISPmob open-source code can be found at:

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