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    This is the companion app to 'The Little Crane That Could'.
    With this editor, you are able to design and build your own levels.
    Building a level is easy and fun for all ages.
    Just snap different building blocks together.

    The game itself is free and available here:

    The launching of user designed levels in the game was broken for a very long time.
    I deeply apologize for this horrible bug.
    I have uploaded a new version of the game (not the editor) which will fix the launching.
    Thank you for your patience.

    Swipe the main view to control the camera. Horizontal swipes will make the camera orbit, and vertical swipes will control camera elevation. Use pinch to zoom in and out. To focus the camera on a specific block, tap and hold the block to select it.

    To build up your world, you first select the block you want to add in the library strip at the bottom of the screen. Then you simply need to tap on one of the 6 faces of an existing block that is already in the world. The new block will be attached to the selected face. Once a new block is placed, it will automatically be selected, and you can delete it by tapping the DELETE icon. To select another block, simply tap and hold it.

    You can change the orientation of a selected block by swiping on the TURN icon. You can turn it on the vertical axis by swiping horizontally, or turn it on the horizontal axis by swiping vertically. If none of the blocks are selected, you can predetermine the orientation of the next new block.

    At the tail end of the block library, there is a special set of objects that are marked with a red dot in circle. These objects are dynamic objects, which means that they can be moved in the game. If you place these blocks in your world, they will function as so called spawn-points for the object. You cannot change the orientation of dynamic objects spawn points. You must put one, and only one vehicle in your world. Currently, the world editor does not support multiple vehicles in a single level. Also, there is a limit on the number of blocks you can use to build your world, which is currently set at 1024 blocks.

    The are several ways in which you can set the win-conditions for your level. You can place a black and white chequered floor: if the vehicle parks on top of it, the level is won. You can place unloading spots (marked with a red cross) in the level, along with crates. If all the crates in the level are placed in the unloading zones, the level is won. Lastly, you can place a soccerball and a basket in the level. If the soccerball passes through the hoop of the basket, the level is won.

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