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    This Locale plug-in allows GPS to be disabled system-wide, just like the option in the Android location settings. When GPS is enabled in the Android settings, the GPS receiver is not actually turned on. Instead, the enabling GPS is merely a permission to allow apps to use GPS. GPS is only actually on and using battery power when the blinking GPS icon appears in the status bar at the top of the screen.

    Please note: This plug-in will NOT help Locale to determine your location. This plug-in will also NOT save battery power.

    This plug-in is possible because of an Android security hole in Android 2.2 and earlier, and therefore comes with absolutely no support whatsoever. The security hole was fixed in Android 2.3, so this plug-in will not work for Android 2.3 or later. There is no way for us to support Android 2.3 or later, because Android won't allow it.

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