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    This SECURE app works everywhere, even with no Internet connection. It will assist you in protecting your phone and tablet(*), and locate it if it has been misplaced, lost or stolen. By sending it an SMS Message, you can remotely make the phone ring, lock the screen, wipe data, get its position, address, etc.

    If you have a problem PLEASE send an email to before writing a bad Rating Review

    These days there is an All Time High for theft of phones. Experts advice us to use all available security measures to protect the phone and your data, and to be able to recover it. So don't be naive. Install this App today - and be prepared

    Also works on Tablets with SIM card

    This App will assist you in locating your device, even if you have lost it in silent mode

    According to the ratings, some people seem to HATE this app, because they do not understand how to UNINSTALL it, or how to disable the screen lock. So be sure to read about this below

    The protection against uninstallation is an important part of this App's security policy

    So; IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS WRITTEN ABOUT UNINSTALLATION AND SCREEN LOCKING BELOW, YOU SHOULD NOT INSTALL THIS APP! This is to avoid getting frustated, so that you don't risk exposing your level of experience by giving it a ONE STAR rating

    This App seems to be particularly appreciated by experienced users

    Once you have started this app in Stealth Mode, it will run in the background, and you can forget all about it. Even if the phone is turned off and on again, it will restart automatically

    This App is installed with the name LMPL, to make it less obvious what it actually does

    An important difference between LocateMyPhone and similar applications is that this app requires NO REGISTRATION, and there is NO MONTHLY FEE

    If you have concerns about installing those apps which require that you hand over full control over your phone to some remote web-site, this may be the app for you. LocateMyPhone does (more or less) the same as those apps, while you are keeping full control over your own phone. Some of those apps also require an Internet connection to work properly

    - Auto Detection of changed SIM-card
    - Remote Control of Ringing Volume, Screen Locking, Wipe Data and Position Update Period
    - IMPOSSIBLE for an unauthorized person to uninstall
    - A locked screen makes it IMPOSSIBLE for thief to tamper with Phone
    - Sending of SMS Message at Low Battery ("Dying Gasp") and change of SIM card
    - Receive SMS Messages, and respond with status message, including Position and Battery Level
    - See the position on a map
    - Received and sent SMS Messages are hidden (Until Android 4.4)

    The LITE Version of this App has many of the features of the full Version, EXCEPT recording and listing calls, copying SMSs, take secret pictures and videos, record audio, and that the NETWORK (and NOT the GPS) is used for positioning. You can use it for an unlimited period of time. If you like it, and you would also like to have more accurate (GPS) Positions, you may want to buy the Full Version of LocateMyPhone

    The paid version also has an option to remove the App's launch Icon, making it less likely that a thief should be aware of its existence

    If you would like a similar app which is EASIER to use - and you do not want to be bothered with a locked screen, you should have a look at Thief Face Trap Mini

    If you want to see if secret pictures can be taken on your device, try our free app Thief Face Trap Mini

    NOTE that to UNINSTALL this program, you must first go to Settings->Location & Security->Select device administrators, and click on LMPL and on Deactivate. When the screen locks, use your password to unlock it. Afterwards the app can be uninstalled normally

    Explication de DESINSTALACION en Espanol esta tambien en el App

    Use phone's menu:
    Settings->Location & security->Set up screen lock->None

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