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    When a child or adult is missing the first hours are critical. Afraid your kids will be adducted and not know their location? This application can help. It allows you to configure the application to send out an email with your last reported position to a loved one, friend, or colleague. In fact it will continue to send out the emails until you stop it. 1 every 40 seconds. I developed the application to keep my own daughter safe. With this on her phone I know if she feels trouble. Click the application and I will know her location. Download the application and try it. It's free.

    It is easy to set up.

    1) Pick an smtp server. I tested with gmail and it works well
    2) add user name for account.
    3) add password for account
    If you register for a gmail account that is your username and password.
    4) pick an email address to send the alerts too.
    5)click the send on alert check box
    6) click save

    Now just test it. So you wan to make sure it works :)
    1) click the send email when getting location
    2) click location
    3) latitude and longitude should be displayed and an email should arrive in your in box. If you do not see it check your Spam mail. make sure you validate your spam box. If it goes to spam make sure to tell your system it is not spam or you may miss it when it counts.
    4) once it is all set up add it to the desktop for easy access. The all you need to do is launch application and it will send out your location in an email.

    Now for my legal disclaimer...Sorry folk lots of lawyers..Just remember this application needs your mobile phone and a smtp client working for it to send out a message. Since this application requires you to have a valid smtp server I cannot be responsible for their downtime. This is an extra tool for you to use. No warrenty is express or implied and no obligation is being expressed on part of developer.

    Check back for updates and new features.

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