Lock Android Screen




    Use this app to lock and unlock your Android cell phone. In the locked screen, there are shortcuts for phone and message.

    - Vibration supported
    - Time and date display
    - App shortcuts
    - Made for Android System

    The way to unlock screen:
    1. Hold the time area and pull-down to unlock
    2. Hold the app shortcut and pull-down to unlock screen and open the related app.

    In the main interface, there are only two switches, for this app and vibrate.
    If you have turned on wifi, the icon of wifi will show in the locked screen, at the top right corner. There are flashlights above the time. In two sides of time, they are shortcuts for phone and message. You can unlock screen and open them by holding-down their respective icon.

    Now you can use this app very well after reading these introductions. We hope this app will suit for you.

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