Lock Screen Action




    Lock Screen Action, make you a director!
    This app is used to lock and unlock screen. Welcome to download this free app to your android cell phone and/or tablets.

    How to unlock screen though Lock Screen Action?
    Press the power button and you will see that your android device is locked by this app,
    Closing it to unlock screen, just like action in a movie.
    Before you want to use this app, remember to open it in the settings.

    Functions of Lock Screen Action
    Sound and vibration effects
    This app has the functions of ringtone and vibration, check to turn on them to use. In other words, the cell phone will ring and vibrate when you unlocked screen.

    Quick unlock screen
    Long press the Search button and you can unlock screen. It can be organized as the second way to unlock screen.
    The precondition is that you need to turn on Shortcut Key in the settings of this app.

    Filmmaking theme
    You must have known how to unlock screen though this app now. the lock screen background uses the filmmaking theme, enjoy your work as a director here!

    Personalized settings
    Choose the lock screen mode in this section, full screen or status bar.
    You will see the whole screen is used by this app when you are using full screen mode.
    As to the status bar mode, it allows you to drag down the notification bar in the locked screen and check details. But you cannot open the running applications from the locked screen.

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    Filmmaking is often referred to in an academic context as film production, and it is the process of making a film.
    Lock screen is a user interface element which used by many kinds of operating systems, such as Android.

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