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    Lock screen easily/ Swipe Lock

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    By the swipe the image that appears when you touch the screen edge, you can lock the screen easily.
    You can prevent unexpected erroneous operation that occurs in up to lock the screen.
    Also depending on the settings, you can lock by action of turn over the screen.

    This application uses administrator privileges of the terminal to lock the screen.

    How to use

    Service Start-up

    Please be turned ON in the Application Settings, the Lock Service and Device Administrator.
    After that, you do not need to launch the app.

    It will now display the image when you touch the screen edge.
    Screen dims gradually when you swipe the image, the image changes when it reaches a certain distance.
    After completion of the swipe in a state in which the image is changed, to lock the screen.
    Or, screen action to put in turned over, turn to the bottom of the screen will lock.

    Service Settings
    - Sensor Aria Settings -
    + Position
    Can be specified from 10 location the position of the sensing area.
    Can be set to match the position of the multiple.
    If you select to the "Turn Over", will be locked by action of turn over the screen.

    + Length (for swipe action)
    Set the length of the sensing area.

    + Height Expansion (for swipe action)
    expand the height of the sensing area doubled.
    Should be used when touch sensitivity is poor.

    + Light Check (for turn over action)
    Set the check level of the light.

    Non: Does not check the light.
    When the screen is turned inside out, will lock the screen.

    Severe: Does not lock until the light becomes zero.
    When put on turned over, will lock the screen.

    Middle: For models that light does not become 0.
    Select this when you do not want to lock in the severe level.
    When are operating in face up there are times when it will lock.

    Both, the screen will lock in about 3 seconds from in the locked condition.

    - Sensor Area Color -
    + Specify the color of the sensing area.
    Or if touch area are concerned about, it will be of assistance to get used to the application.

    - Swipe Image -
    + Specify the image to swipe.
    I can also be set to your own image.

    How to register own image
    +Select a User Image at Swipe Image.
    +Save in the following directory: the image to be registered.

    Unlock Image:
    Strage Home/LittleGood/SwipeLock/Unlock

    Lock Image:
    Strage Home/LittleGood/SwipeLock/Lock

    +Image Type: jpg(jpeg)/bmp/png/gif
    *Initially, the sample file (sample.png) a stored.

    If you want to remove the application, should be done after turning off the Device Administraror in the Service Start-up.
    Depending on the model, there is a case sensitivity of the touch screen is bad.
    Please use it to select the area with good sensitivity.
    If you are setting to suppress automatic startup, the application may not start automatically when starting up the smart device.
    When starting the application automatically, please remove this application from suppression of automatic start.

    When using with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher, you need permission to "Access to storage device" and "Draw over other apps".

    Supported OS version
    Ver 4.0 or more

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