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    Remote Lock Screen / Unlock Screen - just by sending Text from any phone. Not finding your phone? Wants to lock screen, just send Text Message / SMS from any phone or from Computer with a specific word – your phone screen will be locked. To unlock screen, just send another Text Message. Forget your screen lock password, just send Text Message to disable any password / pattern to unlock phone. An incredible app to Lock screen / Unlock screen just by sending Text message. Your personal data security as data stays in your phone only. This will enhance security of your phone. Lock Screen unlock App is like a hidden lock for your data security. Very Intelligent App.

    Now when you realized that your phone is with your loved ones, you can give “Password to unlock screen”and if you don't want to share password – Not a Problem. We have solution for you. Just send another SMS with a specific word and Phone screen will be unlocked. Sounds Amazing, Right! Yes, this is an amazing app to protect your phone.

    You can use ONLY Unlock functionality too. Send Text to Unlock Any password. Yes, Any Password. In case, if kid forget their password, this App can be your master password App to unlock remotely.

    Unlike other Apps, Screen Lock App does not store your App settings on a remote server. It saves the lock code in the phone only and it's password protected.

    STOP & READ - Please read & understand App thoroughly before you download an App. Please visit, understand App Description, check out Demo and read FAQs before downloading this free mobile app.

    Important features:

    1. When you want to lock screen remotely, just send text message / SMS with Lock Activation Word to Lock screen and if you want to UnLock remotely, you can unlock just by sending another text / SMS to unlock screen. Unlock functionality will work with ANY Password or Pattern or anything. This will just disable password protection.
    2. If Screen Lock App is running, will read all incoming messages to look for Lock Activation Word and Unlock Activation Word and based on that App will lock or unlock the phone.
    3. If any incoming message is having Lock Activation Word and Unlock Activation Word, will be deleted from Default Messaging App.

    App Needs Device Administration permission.
    To uninstall this App, you need to remove the app - Setting --> Location and security --> Select device administrators --> VIPSha2 - --> Deactivate

    You will find illogical App name – VIPSha2 – and the reason is to create confusion. When someone steals your phone and if they find App name like – Remote Phone Screen Lock, Safe Lock, Lock your phone screen, etc, may uninstall or stop service immediately. So, this might help to confuse others. Of course, anyone can uninstall Any App, Any Time.

    Another great FREE App from mobile app development company - Though it’s a FREE mobile App, Mobile App Builder - is committed for this App. If you like this App, don’t forget to write an excellent review. In case App is not performing as per description, feel free to write using Contact us page - - to get in touch with us before writing a Negative Review. Remember, it's a free App so be reasonable when you are writing your negative review. Sometime, App doesn’t work due to improper settings. So, please allow us to help you before your Negative Review. Please DO NOT CALL. We provide only complementary email support.

    Warning: This App may not compatible for your Devices. Please test it properly. If you forget password to unlock screen, you may not unlock screen ever. Please remember password to unlock screen. Though you can unlock password using Unlock SMS Text, is just a possible secondary alternate. If App is not working on the Phone, you MUST HAVE to use password to unlock screen.

    Legal Notice: Screen Lock App is distributed free without any Warranty. Screen Lock App is only for the End Users.

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