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    Don't want other people to spy on your Candy Crush?

    Don't want your children to send a Candy Crush out by accident?

    We have a lightweight, practical, effective and fun solutions for you! Lock Candy Crush - This app lets you protect your Candy Crush privacy.

    After installation it will ask you to set a lock by Android pattern or using a PIN code.

    You can decide to turn the lock on or off. Once the lock is turned on you will be prompt to enter the lock pattern or PIN code to turn off the lock to use Candy Crush

    If your lock in turn off, you can access Candy Crush anytime, open and close Candy Crush without being troubled. You can then turn on the lock again once you have done with Candy Crush.

    You can change your lock pattern or PIN code anytime. The app also ask you to confirm the pattern and pin code to make sure you pattern or PIN code is correctly entered.

    This is the only app that helps you to lock your Candy Crush App and protect your privacy. The only Lock Candy Crush application that reliable and need not to ROOT your device.

    FEATURES of Lock Candy Crush:

    ★ Lock Candy Crush is free and has no limitations.
    ★ Lock Candy Crush keeps your messages safe
    ★ Lock Candy Crush is ultra lightweight. Uses low resources and space.
    ★ Minimum special permissions required
    ★ Design attractive and simple user interface.
    ★ No hack or ROOT needed.

    BENEFITS of Lock Candy Crush:

    ★ Need to worry that someone else can read your Candy Crush without your permission
    ★ Can let your child to play with your phone without worrying that he/she may mess up your Candy Crush settings or sending out messages by accident


    This application and the company has no link or what so ever to Candy Crush. We only want to create a series of tools that help user to control Candy Crush better. This functions might eventually be added to Candy Crush later once that realise there is a need. The application will not change any functionality of the original Candy Crush except providing a way to make your Candy Crush more secure, safe and child proof