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    Lockdown Pro is the BEST AppLock & Private Gallery, it supporting more than 30 languages.

    Lockdown Pro: Top 5 App of year by


    AppLock: lockdown any apps.

    Private Gallery: Hide pictures, videos (support .gif image).

    Three password modes: Pattern Lock, Classic Lock & Calculator Lock.

    Supported Fingerprint for Samsung devices and some devices running android Marshmallow

    Smart lock: Auto lock/unlock with smart watch, car or use address wifi, location.

    Observer: Send email with some info and pictures of the person who wants to access your phone.

    Fake cover: This feature will fake a crash dialogue cover when you open an app that has been locked.

    Backup & restore registered apps to Google drive or sdcard.

    Random keyboard password.

    Time pin password (Ex: If the time is 13:12, your PIN will be 1312).

    Themes store (so many beautiful themes with Material design for your choice).

    Screen timeout: The screen will never turn off when running registered app.

    Auto-Rotate: The screen of your device will not auto-rotate when running registered app.

    Hide app icon (Remove Lockdown Pro icon on App Draw & Home screen).

    Easy to use, beautiful UI with Material design, ripple animation.


    This app uses Accessibility services.

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