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    You're playing League of Legends, you're a jungler.
    You know you're elite, I know you're elite, but your team don't, do they?

    It's hard jungling. You have jungle rotations, map awareness, ganks. Sometimes it just becomes too much, our application is here to help.

    Gone are the days of memorising respawn times, gone are the times in which your team may say "Let's get dragon, is dragon up?"

    You're the jungler, you're the best. You deserve the best jungle timer application.

    You will know when dragon respawns, you will know if you have enough time to use smite before the next Baron fight. You will be clearing your jungle with such astounding efficiency the enemy jungler will disconnect and re-evaluate his life.

    Timers - Countdown to when the jungle camp respawns, complete with audio cue.
    Relative Timers - Shows what time the jungle camp will respawn at.
    (Select a map as the game starts to sync the game time with your device.
    User Error Mitigation - Deactivated a timer by accident? Activate it again within three seconds to retain the timer.
    Buff Only Layouts - Don't like screen clutter? Use the buff only layouts to see only the camps that are important.

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