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    Download FREE now to make use of this unique SMART betting method, especially for UK Lotto (or Lotto Plus 5) and six-number lottery games worldwide! (6/49, 649)

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    This is the only one APP on market to provide over 18 years of UK Lotto data analysis and introduce a Unique Betting Method after the findings.

    There are many lotto APP on the market, but most of them just tell you the lottery results. This APP is special. It not only tells you the results, but also provides a unique betting method or tools to increase the chance of winning in lotto.

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    This APP includes some practical tools:

    1) Input recent numbers: Compare and Predict next Betting Method

    2) Input numbers for inquiry of Betting Methods (Also applicable to users in other countries)

    3) Check results (check how many numbers you match)

    4) Random Draw Numbers (include Betting Method)

    5) Comprehensive and detailed lottery results statistics (Most overdue numbers, most common lottery numbers, least picked numbers...)

    Lottery is about chances, mathematics and statistics. Numbers are drawn randomly. BUT some patterns do appear with higher chances than others. This APP will tell you the patterns with over 18 years DETAILED statistic analysis of past results:

    The most frequently occurred Betting Method is:

    221100: 35.4%

    Top two Betting Methods: 221100 & 211110 occur 63% of times!

    The most frequent four Betting Methods, namely 221100, 211110, 311100 and 321000 have a cumulative occurrence of 92%!

    Why the first number ball red is 67.2% while the 1st number ball yellow is only 1.1% and pink is just 0.1%?

    You can find the answer with this APP and make use of it to raise your chance of winning!

    How to use it is up to your imaginations. You may find your own ways of betting.

    With over a total of 18 years UK Lotto data analysis, plus over 16 years from Hong Kong Mark Six and Taiwan Lotto , similar patterns are also shown. So these are proofs!

    Good luck. I hope you can win the jackpot with the help of this APP! Let me know and share your joy then!

    Apart from United Kingdom national Lottery, this APP is also suitable for six-number lottery games, including :

    Canada National Lotto 649 (Lotto 6/49), Atlantic 49, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec 49, Western 649,

    French Lotto,

    German Lotto,

    Super Lotto 6/49 of The Philippine Pinoy Lotto Draw,

    South African Lotto, (GIDAN the National Lottery Operator )

    in the United States of America such as:

    Megabucks Doubler of Massachusetts,
    Pick-6 Lotto of New Jersey,
    Classic Lotto 6/49 of Ohio,
    Match 6 of Pennsylvania,
    Lotto of Washington,
    Megabucks of Wisconsin,

    and many others countries......

    For USA Powerball (5/59 + 1/35), Mega Millions, EuroMillions (5/50 +2/11), Thunderball, Superenalotto (Italy), Mega Sena (Brazil) and other similar lottery games in Australia (6/45) , New Zealand, European countries, China (5/35 + 2/12), this APP can also act as a good reference.

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    All data and information in this APP are for study reference ONLY. The publisher of this APP does not guarantee the correctness or reliability of all data, and not liable to any losses so incurred from using this APP. For lottery results and prizes, please refer to the official sources!

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