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    Love My Phone is a tool I will use to find my lost phone or remotely retrieve / remove sensitive data. Why another tool? you may ask. Well, I don't know which of the existing tool works in the Market; Most had bad reviews that it does not work and I love my phone too much to lose it.

    So what does Love My Phone offer?
    - A relatively obscure sounding App name and icon. If someone else pick up your lovely phone, he might not notice this as a "find my phone" app and uninstalls it.
    - Able to test out all different commands WITHOUT any fear of accidentally removing my data.
    - All functions work via SMS without network, however network is required for location command and those that sends large amounts of data via Email.
    - If someone else pick up the phone and swaps his SIM card, the tool will send a SMS message to all administrators thus informing you of his phone number as well as other Operator information to help you track or report the thief.

    - 15 SMS commands you can send remotely to your phone:
    - info: Queries phone information such as the IMSI, IMEI, Network Operator and SIM card Operator.
    - alarm: Plays a loud alarm sound. Alarm sound can customised to be any existing ringtone as well.
    - location: Gets your phone's location using GPS or Network.
    - gcontacts: Gets your phone's contacts. It will be sent to your configured gmail account.
    - dcontacts: Deletes your phone's contacts.
    - gcalls: Gets your phone's call logs. It will be sent to your configured gmail account.
    - dcalls: Delete your phone's call logs.
    - gaccounts: Gets your phone's authentication accounts for syncing.
    - daccounts: Deletes your phone's authentication accounts.
    - gmedia: Gets a list of your phone's media such as Images, Audio, Video. It will be sent to your configured gmail account.
    - dmedia: Deletes your phone's media such as Images, Audio, Video.
    - gsms: Gets your phone's SMS messages. It will be sent to your configured gmail account.
    - dsms: Deletes your phone's SMS messages.
    - getall: Runs the commands - info, gcontacts, gcalls, gaccounts, gmedia, gsms, location. It will be sent to your configured gmail account.
    - wipe: Runs the commands - dcontacts, dcalls, daccounts, dmedia, dsms.

    - Phones that can send SMS commands must be setup as administrators with assigned passscodes.
    - App does not run in background and thus does not consume battery nor slow down your phone.
    - Setting to temporarily disable remote SMS commands for a time period.
    - Remembers the IMSI of the SIM card when application is first installed or reset.
    - Sends administrators SMS messages when new SIM card is detected.
    - Shows phone location if Administrator has the same App installed.
    - History of all action commands and event logs.

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