Low Battery Notifier Plus

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    Want to automatically notify someone when your battery reaches a certain level?

    Low Battery Notifier will send a text message to a chosen person when the battery threshold reaches a certain level.
    This is great for notifying your significant other automatically.
    The flow of the conversation isn't broken because the text is automatically sent.

    The plus version offers many benefits:
    • Service starts on boot, so even after restarting your phone it continues to run
    • Choose whether to send a charging text when the phone is plugged in
    • Notifications in notification bar letting you know a charging or low battery text has been sent

    If there are other features desired send me an email!
    If for any reason the app crashes send the error report and I'll gladly work with you to resolve any issues!

    Features coming soon:
    • Customize charging text
    • Customize low battery text

    Free version