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    Coins. Dice. Numbers. Shake your luck with Lucky Shaker for SmartWatch 2 !!!

    We all have that moment where we need to make a decision based on a random guess and Lucky Shaker let you "Shake your Luck" by shaking your SmartWatch 2 between four different contests.

    Do you need to challenge a friend? Do you need to make a random decision between two things? Do you need some random numbers? Do you need a dice to play something?

    Lucky Shaker its that kind of handy app that you should have on your SmartWatch 2. It's simple and it's a lot of fun.

    1# Coin

    Coins have two faces. Challenge a friend to decide who starts doing whatever you wanna do or simple shake your luck to decide between two things.

    2# Single Dice

    Several games are played with one dice. Are you playing a game with someone and you lost your dice? Shake your luck with a single dice and keep having fun!

    3# Double Dice

    Some games require two dice. Once again, shake your luck with double dice and keep having double fun!

    4# Random Number

    Pick a number between 0 to 99 or set your own interval of possibilities. Are you playing some lottery game and do you need to pick some random numbers? Let Lucky Shaker decide for you.


    1) Lucky Shaker for SmartWatch 2 it's a exclusive app for SmartWatch 2.

    2) Lucky Shaker need that your SmartWatch 2 stays connected and synched with your Smartphone via bluetooth in order to work properly. For better experience please keep your SmartWatch 2 close to your Smartphone in order to allow a good bluetooth signal between the devices. Currently Sony is the only one allowed to develop standalone apps that can run on your SmartWatch 2 without the need of a smartphone.

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