Machinist's Calculator

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    Quickly solve trades math problems with this convenient App!

    Right Angle calculations-Quickly calculate the dimensions and area of a right angle triangle.

    Oblique Triangle calculations-Quickly calculate the dimensions and area of an oblique triangle.

    Speeds and Feeds - Quickly calculate cutting Speeds and Feeds for drills, milling cutters, and lathe workpieces. Calculate between RPM and Feet-Per-Minute or Meters-Per-Minute, and between Feed-Per-Rev and Feed-Per-Minute. Drill Charts and Materials List are usable right in the function.

    Counter Sinks & Drill Points-Calculate drill point and countersink depths. Drill Charts usable right in the function.

    Bolt Circles - Calculate X-Y coordinates for equally spaced bolts. You can make the center of the circle any coordinate you need, and place the first hole at any angle.

    Sine Bar - Quickly and accurately calculate precision block stack or angle for use with sine bars or sine plates.

    Thread Measure - Quickly make all the calculations required to measure screw threads using the 3 wire method.

    Drill Charts-Quickly lookup Decimal conversions of Inch based Number & Letter Drills, and Tapping Charts for UN & ISO Metric, Cutting, and Coldform (roll) taps. Use the Drill Charts right in the Speeds & Feeds and C'Sink & Drill Point Functions.

    Materials List--Material list containing starting cutting speeds for over 200 materials. Use the Materials List right in the Speeds & Feeds Function.

    All calculations can switch between imperial and metric with the touch of a button.

    Uses an attractive graphical diagram background for easy answer references! No more text boxes and labels! Automatically makes the calculation once enough information is entered!

    Designed for Smartphones and Tablets!

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