Magic Soap Hubble-Bubble




    Bubble burst is not existed in this app, even normal soap bubbles last for a few seconds before bursting. You can use soap hubble-bubble to unlock screen.

    - Funny and beautiful
    - Various fantastic background pictures
    - Suit for Android System
    - No bubble burst

    Functions introduction:
    a) Turn it on in the main interface of this app.
    b) Supports sound and vibrate effects. You can turn them on in the main interface, too.
    c) Select a background style for the magic bubbles.
    d) Move the other bubbles into the bubble with lock icon to unlock.

    Soap bubble is a hollow sphere with an iridescent surface. It is very beautiful! And now, it appears in your cell phone and you can use it to unlock the screen.
    There are some shortcuts in these magic bubbles, including phone, message and browser. Drag bubbles with them not only can unlock the screen, but also open the related program. For instance, drag the bubble with the icon of message into the lock bubble, and then the cell phone screen will be unlocked and open the message program. So easy!
    The funnier is that you can reorder the bubbles to have fun before unlock the screen. The new order will last for a few seconds and they will go back to their original position.
    Time and date are shown in the locked screen, so does the battery.

    Wish you have a great time with the magic hubble-bubble!

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