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    This app is designed to be a one stop tool for all Magic players. Easily keep track of the life of you and all of your opponents. Simply tell who is playing, place the device in the center of the game and drag each life counter in front of each player.

    Easy to use Life Counters for all players that can be placed and rotated wherever needed
    Play with as many players that can fit on your screen!
    Dice Rolls
    Random Player Selections
    Poison Counters
    Player memorization
    Life Logs
    Easy to use life doubling/halving
    Advanced Commander Damage Tracking
    and more!

    Features being worked on:
    Advanced Token and +1/+1 Counter Tracking
    Player Stat Tracking
    Player Deck importing

    This app has a new take on commander damage tracking unlike any other app before it. Before you being playing, enable EDH Mode by pressing the Menu button in the Player Select screen and choosing "EDH/Commander". You will notice that you have a mana circle and a yellow number added to your life counter. The Mana Circle keeps track of the extra mana cost for your commander. Whenever your commander dies, press it and it will add 2 to the mana circle.

    The yellow number indicates how much damage the selected player's commander has done to you. When someone presses their life counter, it will select them, and everyone's commander damage will change to how much damage has been done by the selected player's commander. The selected player can be identified by their name being in red. Whenever you want to change how much damage your commander has done to someone, simply press the "More" button and choose "Change Commander Damage" from the menu. This activates "Commander Mode". While in this mode, any life changes done by your opponents will change the damage your commander has done to them. Once all changes are made, simply tap your life counter to deactivate commander mode. This may seem complex, but it will all come naturally after a few games.

    Please support this project, I'm a college student who's been making this in his free time, and I've worked really hard on this for months. If you have any suggestions for it, I'd love to hear them and try to make them a reality. Enjoy the app everyone, and happy playing!

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