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    Ever forgot your glasses when you went to the supermarket and you couldn't read any of the text on the boxes?

    With this application you won't have that problem anymore. With MagniViewer you'll be able to magnify the text enough so you can read it without your glasses. The maximum zoom level is four times the normal zoom of your smart phone.
    MagniViewer also lets you set four custom high contrast color schemes, making the text easier to read.

    The controls are very simple:

    Zooming in and out:
    For zooming MagniViewer uses pinch to zoom. By sliding 2 fingers away from each other it will zoom in, by sliding 2 fingers towards each other it will zoom out.

    Switching the color scheme:
    To switch between the high contrast color scheme you just have to slide left or right horizontally over the screen.

    Setting the contrast level:
    To set contrast to a darker or lighter point you just have to slide vertically over the screen. Slide up for more lighter colors, and slide down for darker colors. You can also hold your finger on a spot to steadily change the contrast point.

    In the menu you can set the following options:
    Color schemes:
    Here you select which colors will be used for each high contrast scheme.

    Here you can decide how much zoom you want to enable. You can select: 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 percent.

    Enhance image:
    You can set this on and off. Setting it on will create a better image quality. Setting it off will improve the frame rate.

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