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    This app can be like this.

    - In the company, the 10th floor desk when you are in normal mode, but, in the conference room on the 8th floor is automatically set to silent mode.
    - Such as apartments and dormitories, a demonstration mode when you are in my room, usually in the room other friends who lived on the ground floor is automatically set to silent mode.

    In the method using location information such as GPS, it can not be like this!

    Of course, this can be of course.

    - At home or vice versa manner mode, normal mode, but when out of the home.

    The GPS system is in automatic mode switching such fine manners could not be, in the WiFi system is as simple as it can be.

    Well, If you are interested, please try this app all means.

    This app is a very handy app using the radio waves of WiFi, automatically perform the ON / OFF mode of manners.
    You can also use a way that it does not usually use the WiFi.

    How to use

    - Start the app.
    - Select whether to OFF when close to the access point, what manner mode is set to ON.
    - Press the "Register" button, then tap the registration of any access point from WiFi access points that are displayed in the list.
    - Press the "Start Service" button.

    That's it.

    After, you will (or normal mode) becomes silent mode automatically (silent mode) or normal mode automatically if it is within the reach of the radio access points registered, if you move outside the coverage area of.

    Access points can be registered up to 10. If the access point appears, you can also register at any access point must be connected to the access point of them is, "Register" I do not have.

    There is no access point at home. Who called. Please try to press the "Register" button. Let's register the access point access point if you see even one in the list. This is OK.

    Once you have registered once access points, rest without doing anything at all, automatically every day, regardless of the time, ON / OFF of the manner mode is carried out in different places.

    If necessary, you can also set the receiver sensitivity. At maximum sensitivity, fast response is the best receiver sensitivity setting is 5 star.


    - Configuration of WiFi Please make sure that you always set to ON.
    Settings - WiFi sleep is like there is something and what is not this application is running even if you sleep depending on the model. Please set of tests to run on your terminal. If you do not know, please try to use as it is anyway.
    - This app is meant to be running senses the change in the intensity of radio waves. Therefore, when the state fixed the position of the terminal, does not change the radio signal strength is very strong, it may become sluggish reaction.

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