MapIt is a GPS tracking tool that lets you create, save, and share what matters to you. Your trails can be viewed using Google Earth or Google Maps, and can be kept private or shared.

    *Please note: MapIt is my first published Android app, and as such may have some errors. I've done my best to test different settings, but if for some reason you find something not working, please E-Mail me. I'll try to fix the bug as soon as possible.

    #Basic Use
    Make sure your Android has GPS enabled. Once your GPS is locked, the GPS icon in the notification bar will stop flashing, and you can start adding points. Press the 'Add Marker' button to save your current GPS location. The text below the 'Add Marker' button shows general information about the trail and the GPS accuracy.

    The 'Export to Google Earth' button should always export your trail. It will also open the trail in the Google Earth app if you have it installed.

    The 'Email Attachment' button is included if you want to view the trail on a desktop version of Google Earth or Google Maps. It will automatically attach the .kml file. Download the file, and open it with Google Earth or upload it to Google Maps.

    #Permissions Explained
    -Fine Location: Needed for obtaining GPS coordinates
    -Storage: Needed to save the exported trails
    -Network communication: Needed to get the map tiles. The app will function just fine without an internet connection, but the map wont update.

    #Road Map
    My plan is to add new features to MapIt when I can get around to it. I am planning on saving certain features for MapIt Professional, which will not be free, but should be cheap. If you feel there is a feature which isn't currently in MapIt, but should be, please E-Mail me and I'll do my best to add it. If you or your company require a feature planned for MapIt Professional, I am willing to create an in-between version (pricing will depend on the feature and timetable).

    #Planned Improvements
    -Export as Points instead of Trail

    Q: I want to open my trail in Google Maps on my Android, but I don't see it.
    A: I currently don't know how to send the .kml file to the Maps app. To view your trail in the app, you must first upload the .kml file to Google Maps using the website.

    Q: I clicked on the 'Export to Google Earth' button, but I see my old trails here as well
    A: Google Earth sometimes saves old trails. To clear them from view, press the Menu button, then click 'Clear map'. You will need to re-export the trail.

    Q: I clicked on the 'Export to Google Earth' button and now I'm looking at the ocean
    A: You exported a trail that doesn't have any GPS points tied to it (or, if it does, their longitude and latitude are somehow 0,0). Mark some points and try again.

    Q: I go to the Map and it shows me in Tulsa. Why?
    A: That's seems to be the default location for the map. It should change very shortly after you get a GPS lock.

    Q: My GPS accuracy seems really low, why is that?
    A: It could be a limitation of the device, or simply poor reception in that area. Try not to judge the accuracy by the distance, but by the summary text to the right of it.

    Q: My total distance seems way to high
    A: Total distance doesn't try to account for the error of the GPS points. If you have a lot of GPS points close together, the total distance will be an over estimate. If your points are spread out, your total distance should be reasonably accurate.

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