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    Marvin Owlet allows you to scrutinize an app (an APK file) for the presence of well over two-hundred indicators of malicious activity. These red flags indicate the presence of capabilities within the app that are associated with many malware strains.

    Marvin Owlet is lightweight; it simply uploads an APK for analysis to Marvin Mobile Security's cloud services at and returns the results, normally within seconds. Marvin Owlet requires network access to upload the APK. Most apps within your device can be submitted, whether the app is already installed or not.

    Marvin Owlet red flag analysis helps a user to understand the hidden capabilities of an app in much greater detail than what can be provided by simply viewing Android permissions.

    For example, nearly every app allows "Full Internet Access", however, there are several red flags indicating suspicious activity that fall under this category. Marvin Owlet can distinguish between different types of network access, such as various forms for the use of network sockets. Marvin Owlet is in beta mode and we welcome constructive feedback for improvements.

    Analysis of your app covers the following areas:

    [INFECTED APP] (32 flags) - signature known to be infected
    [DANGEROUS] (21 flags) – can perform dangerous actions, usually native mode
    [RISK FACTOR] (87 flags) – risky but not sufficient to brand a malware label
    [YOUR DEVICE] (16 flags) - can harm your device
    [YOUR PRIVACY] (26 flags) - can monitor your actions and usage
    [YOUR IDENTITY] ( 8 flags) - can retrieve elements associated with your identity
    [YOUR LOCATION] (10 flags) - can retrieve elements associated with your location
    [YOUR SMS] ( 3 flags) - can manage/monitor your SMS communications
    [YOUR FILES] ( 8 flags) - can manage/examine your filesystem
    [YOUR CONTACTS] ( 4 flags) - can manage/examine your contacts
    [YOUR PHONE] ( 7 flags) - can monitor/examine your voice calls
    [YOUR NETWORK] (25 flags) - can monitor/retrieve/manage your network settings
    [SAFETY FACTOR] ( 3 flags) - indicative of engineering sophistication

    Marvin Owlet is provided free of charge for personal use. This version of Marvin Owlet is already preloaded with a demo key. This means that is ready to run but it limits the maximum number of submissions per hour.

    For more information visit us at

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