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    Did you know that the Wi-Fi or 3G feature is running even when the mobile phone screen is off which consumes a sufficient amount power of your battery?

    Furthermore, if you forget to disable the Wi-Fi or 3G network on your device it doesn’t matter because the battery saver app will take care for you!

    Maximize Battery Life is a powerful Battery Saver App which is designed to reduce the battery consumption and increase battery life at the best possible condition.

    You can easily manage and assign any application that requires the use of Wi-Fi or 3G network on the device.

    Maximize Battery Life uses a smart way to control the Wi-Fi and 3G network by controlling the enabling and disabling of your Wi-Fi and 3G feature on the device, so it can save battery.

    It also provides task killer tool, which can terminate the selected running applications.

    Have always quick access on the most battery draining components.

    Control battery components, like:
    * Wi-Fi and 3G network
    * Screen Brightness
    * Screen Timeout
    * Auto synchronization
    * Auto Lock Screen
    * Haptic Feedback
    * Running tasks in Background

    Provides Information for:
    * Battery Level
    * Health of the battery
    * Current battery temperature
    * Current status battery
    * Status device when is plugged in to a power source.
    * Running applications on the device

    Also provides battery availability time information for:
    * Standby Time
    * Talk Time
    * Audio Playback
    * Video Playback
    * Web Surfing
    * Games
    * Navigation

    ***** Download Maximize Battery Life now for FREE, with fully features! ***** *****************************************************************

    Just have a try and see the improvement of your battery!
    Please don't hesitate to contact me through email for any bugs!

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