Measure By Map calculator

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    Measure distances and area using Google Maps, with this area and distance calculator.

    Please use the free trial version first, so you can see how MeasureByMap
    looks on your device!

    This App uses Google Maps for making linear distance or area calculations, in satellite or street mode.

    Allows for single measurements or an aggregate of several separate area and distance calculations.

    You can easily take area measurements of parking lots, fields, farm lands, building foot prints, lakes, ponds, and other water bodies, roof tops, road surfaces, airports etc.

    Great for estimating distances for jogging, walking, or biking routes.

    You can quickly get walking or running distance estimates for places you have been, and helps you plan out new routes.

    Two calculation modes are provided, quick "Doodle Path", and Precision mode.

    Precision mode will give a more accurate measurement alternative to the quick doodling mode.

    "Doodle Path" provides a fast and easy way to take measurements, by simply pressing and tracing your finger along the street path or area to be measured.

    Navigation to new addresses is fast and easy using the Google location service.
    Switch locations quickly by entering addresses and places, works the same as searching addresses on Google maps, making it easy to navigate to new address locations.

    Key Features:
    *Integrated help provides detailed and clear instructions.
    *Uses Google street, or hybrid street and satellite maps, for the base maps.
    *Uses Google Location services, providing easy navigation and geocoding to new map locations.
    *Precision mode, for more accurate and tedious area or distance measurements when needed.
    *Doodle Path for tracing paths, providing fast and easy area or distance measurements.
    *Integrated email support to email calculated results with an attached screen shot image.
    -Path Summation, provides aggregation of multiple path or area measurements..
    *Linear Distance units in Miles, Meters, Kilometers and Feet.
    *Area Measurements in Square feet, Square meters, and Acres.
    *Optionally Fill Polygons for visual effect.