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    This app is designed to estimate the height of hills, towers or buildings.

    Begin by carefully aligning the red dot at the center of the phone's viewfinder phone with the highest point of the building or tree. You should be standing perhaps twice as far away from the object as you estimate its height to be. Preferably you are on level ground at the same elevation as the base of the object.

    All the commands in the app are on the sliding menu bar in the center of the screen, When the app opens, the orange button 1 is shown. Scroll the menu down for the other options.

    Tap the orange button marked '1) record the angle'. The measured angle and the location where you are standing should then appear written over the orange button.

    Your observer position is now marked on the lower map with a yellow dot.

    Now scroll down until the orange Button 2 ivisible.

    You will locate the object on the map by sliding the map until the object is in the center. Then tap Button 2.

    The object lo0cation should now be marked in yellow on the screen.

    To calculate the height estimate, scroll down past the orange buttons. The height, distance away, and angle of measurement will appear written in the white box just below on the scrollable center menu.

    The height estimate depends somewhat on the variability of the GPS positions, which only claim to be within 10 m of true location. Most often, they seem to be within 3 m of true position.

    Note: For the GPS location settings to function accurately, the Location setting must be set to Use Satellite Location on the Location settings of your phone.

    It may take a couple of minutes till the satellite connection is established properly and you must wait. You can check whether it has a satisfactory signal by starting Google Maps first, and checking that your location appears on the screen as a blue triangle.

    Because it hogs battery power, the Satellite Location setting should be turned off after you finish using the app, unless you choose to leave it on for other apps.

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