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    About: mentha - the interactome browser, is a project that offers protein-protein physical/enzymatic interaction information from various sources. For more details about mentha, visit mentha's website. This client application is an independent project. This application is designed to allow you to search proteins on the go.

    Source for this app is available by request.

    Keywords: bioinformatics, computational biology, protein interaction, model organisms

    Key features (Also in website):
    - Search proteins by UniProt IDs, gene name or keywords
    - Collect proteins from different queries.
    - Spot common interactors in clusters.
    - Easily distinguish between proteins from Homo sapiens and other organisms (Yellow rounded rectangles)
    - Click on edges(links) to get scientific evidence.
    - Click on proteins to see descriptions.

    Special Android feature:
    - Share results and images with Twitter, Facebook etc... (must have an external memory)

    - The development of this mobile client is demanding and maintained only by one person.
    - Graph layout and interactivity were developed from scratch, no external APIs were used. Pure Android app.
    - Some actions require time, please be patient, especially if your graph (PPI network) is too big.
    - Graph layout is CPU demanding.
    - Feel free to contact me to cooperate on this or other projects, I'll be very happy to cooperate and share!

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