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    `Metal Detector` with most accuracy is now launched in android market. Metal detector-pro is one of the best security purpose & amazing tool that uses magnetic sensor , Magnetic field effect to find the metal surrounding you.
    With this app you can turns your android cell phone into a real metal detector making your friends and family surprised.
    A metal detector is a device which responds to metal at a distance. Metal detectors are useful for finding metal inclusions hidden within objects, or metal objects buried underground.

    Security is most important concern in our life, you have seen at every important places like malls ,Airport, metro stations,hospitals,tourist places etc you are checked to avoid any danger then question is why all these important places we are checked & securities are there , danger ,security concern can be anywhere & anytime so if you can convert your must have electronic gazette like Cell phone into metal detector then its best for all your security.
    So Don`t wait ,start using this app & make your life more secure.

    High-profile incidents of school violence, such as school shootings or stabbing incidents, it is not uncommon for some parents, the media and others in a school-community to call for metal detectors in response to such incidents. Parents understandably want some type of "guarantee" that these types of high-profile incidents will not occur again. Some falsely believe that metal detectors can provide that guarantee. With this metal detector app you can check anything anytime ,anyone`s bag having loaded guns & other metal suspected object with your android cell phone device & secure yourself & others too.

    Make sure you are not nearby to your computer or TV or Other electronic devices which can give interference with the readings of the magnetic sensor making Metal detector less powerful & reduces efficiency.
    You launch the app, Metal detector is shown to your android screen.
    With metal detector you can search your precious metal objects & track them.
    Metal Detectors can be used as emf (electromagnetic field) detector and emf sensor.

    Now you can use your android phone as a simple metal detector . This simple app will detect the metals around you also it will find the magnetic field around the phone . This app uses magnetometer features of your phone . The app will make your phone vibrate with alarm sound & red Indication if a metal or a strong magnetic field is found nearby .

    Metal detector works as Smartest Tools collection in android market.

    This app measures magnetic field values using the magnetic sensor that is built into the phone.
    If there is any metal in the area, the strength of the magnetic field should increase.
    Other uses are - it can be helpful in finding electrical wires in walls and metal in the floor.

    You can use this advanced metal detector apps you can do lots of fun with your friends & family & play any game to find metals in any hidden object.

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    How to use :
    Open this app on your device, and move it around; The magnetic field/metal detector indicator will green initially & turned red color with alarm sound once your device tuned metal detector sense any metal object . See the video for a demonstration & prove that this app really works .
    With this app you can check that your device magnetic sensors are working or not.
    Feedback & suggestions are most welcome. Please mail at developer mail ID for any improvement you think .

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